Sick Motion Control Sensors Wire Draw Encoders MWS120


  • Benefits
  • Finely-adjustable contract pressure enables high process quality and process reliability on various surfaces

  • Each linear measuring task can be optimally solved due to different measuring wheel surfaces and adjustable contact pressure

  • Customized combinations possible thanks to a wide selection of encoders, interfaces and measuring wheels

  • Smart design for easy integration into the application and control environment

  • Time-saving thanks to easy integration and quick commissioning

  • Contact pressure and maintenance position can be adjusted without tools


  • Contact pressure can be adjusted manually from 0-24 N in 6 steps

  • Compact axle spacing (120 mm) for flexible installation options

  • Maintenance position can be reached manually

  • Selection of various measuring wheel surfaces and diameters

  • Incremental or absolute encoder interfaces can be combined

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