Sick Motion Control Sensors Incremental Encoders DFS60S Pro

  • Certified safety solution that ensures the best possible protection for persons, machinery, and systems

  • Easy and practical implementation of safety functions with complex solutions using an all-in-one solution, safety functions with the Flexi Soft FX3-MOC motion control modules from SICK: safe stop 1 (SS1), safe stop 2 (SS2), safe operating stop (SOS), safe speed monitoring (SSM), safely limited speed (SLS), safe direction (SDI), safe brake control (SBC)

  • Positive and non-positive connections for mechanical reliability

  • Certified safety products reduce the scope of safety engineering

  • Versatile connection options for high levels of flexibility and straightforward implementation

  • Compact size for compatibility with applications in which installation space is limited


  • Encoders for functional safety technology: SIL2 (IEC 61508), SILCL2 (EN 62061), PL d (EN ISO 13849)

  • Electrical interface: 4.5 V ... 32 V; sine/cosine 1 VPP; 1,024 periods

  • Face mount flange or servo flange, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft (assembly options with feather key)

  • Universal cable connection, M23 or M12 male connector, axial or radial

  • Enclosure rating: IP65

  • Operating temperature range: –30°C ... +95°C (depending on type) 

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