Sick Motion Control Sensors Measuring wheel encoders DBV50


  • Benefits
  • Compact, space-saving measuring wheel system with low installation depth

  • Large spring travel and high press-on force to compensate for unevenness in the surface being measured

  • Easy and repeatable setting of the spring pretension

  • Prevents system failures by limiting the spring travel to protect the spring from being overloaded

  • Highly adaptable to various applications thanks to a variety of options for mounting the encoder on the spring arm

  • Reliable operation thanks to the reliable encoder with a high radial load

  • Numerous electrical interfaces, facilities for connecting and resolutions


  • Axis distance: 63.5 mm

  • Measuring wheel circumference: 200 mm

  • Resolution: 0.08 mm per pulse, 12.5 pulses per mm

  • Max. spring travel: 14 mm, mechanically limited, max. spring force: 21 N

  • Encoder rotation in 30° increments

  • The encoder can be mounted on both spring arm sides, wheel support from top and bottom

  • Adjustable spring pretension

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