Sick Motion Control Sensors Linear encoders max


  • Benefits
  • Magnetostriction: Reliable, safe and wear-free

  • 100% mechanical and electrically compatible with existing cylinder constructions

  • Save-spacing installation: Better utilization of the piston stroke in tight installation space of the cylinder

  • Extremely stable signal behavior and very good EMC properties: Resistant to extreme electrical influences, such as radiated or coupled faults in the on-board power supply

  • Status monitoring: Monitoring of piston strokes, operating hours and max. oil temperature provides a statement about the cost-optimized operation of the machine

  • Favorable cost-benefit ratio


  • Measuring range: 50 to 2,500 mm (for MAX48N and MAX48A) or 1,500 (for MAX30N), 1 mm increments, typical resolution 0.1 mm

  • Analog, CANopen, SAE J1939 and PWM interfaces are available

  • Pressure-resistant housing, designed for hydraulic operating pressures of up to 400 bar

  • High operating temperature (electronics) up to +105 °C

  • Fluid temperature (hydraulic oil) up to max. +95 °C

  • Compact dimensions: 10 mm installation space, 30 mm cushion zone

  • Position magnet does not need a spacer disk

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