Sick Motion Control Sensors Incremental Encoders DUS60


  • Benefits
  • Quickly commission the encoder using the built-in DIP switches. No additional programming tool or laptop required

  • Status and signal LEDs quickly indicate whether the encoder is properly connected, functional, or needs to be replaced

  • Universal power supply and a rotatable connector reduce the number of variants required and provide increased installation flexibility

  • Anti-dither functionality maintains a high level of productivity also in high vibration applications

  • Compatible with existing and low-cost input cards with output types like Clockwise/Counterclockwise and Signal/Direction


  • Pulses per revolution: Up to 2,400

  • Housing diameter: 60 mm

  • Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft, through hollow shaft

  • Enclosure rating: IP65

  • Communication interfaces: TTL/HTL

  • Connection types: M12 male connector or cable

  • Status LEDs, DIP switch for configuring the settings

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