Sick Motion Control Sensors Linear encoders STL ETL70


  • Benefits
  • The STL/ETL70 requires no reference run, meaning it is immediately ready for operation again after being switched off

  • Easy to mount thanks to a status LED that indicates the optimal mounting position of the motor feedback system

  • Can be installed in almost any position by rotating the M12 male connector

  • Maintenance-free due to non-contact measurement principle, therefore no machine downtimes due to wear and tear

  • Simple integration of the system thanks to the HIPERFACE® or HIPERFACE DSL® interface

  • High availability compared to optical systems – even with dust, contamination and moisture

  • STL70-2 certified according to SIL2 and PL d (HIPERFACE® interface)


  • Absolute measurement system for linear direct drives

  • Measuring lengths: up to 16,384 mm

  • High traversing speeds: up to 10 m/s

  • Status LED

  • Non-contact measurement system; reading distance to the magnetic tape: up to 0.8 mm

  • Electronic type label

  • ETL70 with one cable technology thanks to the HIPERFACE DSL® interface

  • STL70 with HIPERFACE® interface

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