Sick Motion Control Sensors Absolute Encoders DAX



  • Benefits
  • Easy integration into new and existing machine designs thanks to high system flexibility, low space requirements and customizable functions, such as backward compatibility with manufacturer-specific position magnets.

  • Low maintenance costs due to wear- and maintenance-free measurement principle

  • Absolute measurement without reference run

  • Intelligent condition monitoring enables predictive maintenance of machines

  • Fail-safe operation due to undervoltage control and integrated overvoltage protection, also making them suitable for areas susceptible to voltage supplies fluctuations


  • Magnetostrictive principle of operation

  • Absolute position feedback

  • Resolution: up to 10 μm

  • Measuring lengths: 50 mm to 2,500 mm

  • Available interfaces: Analog and CANopen

  • Highly-flexible system architecture

  • Intelligent diagnostic functions and condition monitoring

  • Profile and hydraulic variants for many installation situations

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