Sick Motion Control Sensors Incremental Encoder DSF60


  • Benefits
  • The programmability of the encoder results in reduced storage, high machine availability, and easy and fast installation

  • Flexible adaptation to the application-specific installation situation

  • High resolution up to 16 bits allows applications with demanding requirements on measurement accuracy

  • The stainless-steel housing offers high resistance to environmental influences

  • Long-term and reliable operation thanks to a high enclosure rating, temperature resistance and bearing lifetime

  • Excellent concentricity even at high speeds

  • Simple mounting thanks to compact dimensions, when the installation space is limited


  • Pulses per revolution: Up to 65,536 (16 bit)

  • Housing diameter: 60 mm

  • Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft, through hollow shaft

  • Enclosure rating: IP65/IP67

  • Communication interfaces: TTL RS 422, HTL Push Pull, Sin/Cos

  • Connection type: M12 or M23 male connector, or universal cable

  • Programmable, compact installation depth, remote zero set possible

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