Omron Fiber Amplifier Sensor Communication Unit E3X-DRT21-S VER.3


• ON/OFF signals and incident light levels can be sent to the host PLC without any need for programming (DeviceNet communications slave functionality)
• Threshold values and function settings can be read, written, or taught (using the Message Communications function)
• Simply connect the communication cables and slide the Amplifiers from the side for wire-saving.
• Up to 16 Sensor Amplifiers can be connected




Communications Method

Sets parameters using Explicit messages


Remote I/O
Slave function

Edits slave device parameters, enables device monitor functions


E3X-MC11-SV2 can be connected


DeviceNet communications

Mobile Console connection

Monitors ON/OFF output, status, incident light level (digital display data)

Power supply

Supplied from the DeviceNet communications connector
(power is also supplied to all connected Sensors through Wire-reducing Connectors)

Maximum connectable
Sensors *1

For remote I/O communications 1-CH mode *2: 13
For remote I/O communications 2-CH mode *3 or
for remote I/O communications 2-CH mode + detection level monitoring mode *4: 16

Connectable Sensors *5

E3X-DA-S Series *7 or E3X-MDA Series *8 Digital Fiber Sensor
E3C-LDA Series Laser Photoelectric Sensor with Separate Digital Amplifier *9
E2C-EDA High-resolution Digital Proximity Sensor with Separate Amplifier
(use connector-type Amplifier Units and the E3X-CN02 Cordless Slave Connector)

Power supply voltage

11 to 25 VDC

Current consumption *6

70 mA max.

Ambient operating temperature

-20 to 55°C

Ambient operating humidity

30% to 85% (with no condensation)

Storage temperature

-30 to 70°C

Dimensions (mm)

30 x 34.6 x 71.3 (W x H x D)

Weight (packed state)

Approx. 150 g



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