Telemecanique XCKJ10513H29


XCK J10513H29
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Range of product                                      OsiSense XC

Series name                                               Standard format
Product or component type                     Limit switch

Device short name                                    XCKJ
Sensor design                                           Form A conforming to CENELEC EN 50041

Head type                                                   Rotary head
Material                                                       Metal
Body material                                             Zamak
Head material                                             Zamak
Fixing mode                                              By the body
Movement of operating head                   Rotary
Type of operator                                       Spring return roller lever metal
Type of approach                                     Lateral approach, 1 or 2 programmable direction
Cable entry                                                 1 entry tapped for M20 x 1.5 cable gland, cable outer diameter: 7…13 mm
Number of poles                                        2
Contacts type and composition              1 NC + 1 NO
Contact operation                                     Snap action
ComplementarySwitch actuation                                        By 30° cam
Electrical connection                                Screw-clamp terminals, clamping capacity: 1 x 0.34...2 x 1.5 mm²
Contacts insulation form                          Zb

  Number of steps                                        1Positive opening with
Positive opening minimum torque          0.5 N.m Minimum torque for tripping                    0.25 N.m

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