SICK WLL170 Sensor Amplifier

Fiber-optic photoelectric sensor WLL170 – SICK
Versatility for standard applications!
The WLL170-2 fiber-optic photoelectric sensor family features a standard operating system that is especially suitable for basic applications, but can be used when rapid response times are crucial.

Rapid response time (50μs);
Switching threshold adjustment via potentiometer, or teach-in via button or cable;
Four different teach-in modes;
Simple installation;
Red or green LED emitter.

Reliable, rapid process detection;
Low installation costs due to short commissioning time;
Flexible teach-in modes allow the sensor to be customized according to the specific application;
Emitted light ideal for color or contrast detection;
Easy programming via simple potentiometer and switch adjustment.

Any and all industry, regardless of the activity sector, where the space for sensor installation is reduced.

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